Mediation Means Business

It was estimated already in the CEDR Mediation audit of 2012 that commercial mediation saves business around £2 billion per year in “wasted management time damaged relationships, lost productivity and legal fees”. For some time there has been a growing awareness in the business world as to the tremendous cost being paid by business in the form of legal fees. However this report raised eyebrows in revealing that in fact there was a far greater cost being paid in productivity in the form of wasted manager’s time attempting to deal with conflicts in the workplace. In a case that is a million pounds in value a company will consume an average of over three years of manager’s time trying to resolve it. The Ministry of Justice has formed a Business Dispute Resolution Commitment which has received the broad support of various FTSE companies who have come to recognise the tremendous benefits of mediation in controlling conflicts restoring productivity and maintaining the valued business relationships.

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