Mediation is one of the fastest, and most cost–effective ways of settling a commercial or civil dispute. Our mediations are typically resolved the same day as opposed to lengthy legal proceedings. Mediation is a fraction of the legal costs faced by court proceedings, saving time, stress and money and enabling parties to focus their energies on growing their business or earnings as opposed to being distracted by a lengthy dispute. The mediation is voluntary, non-binding, confidential and without prejudice.

The mediator crucially remains impartial but facilitates the parties to arrive at a solution jointly, ensuring neither party loses face. This is important if the dispute is between two parties in a continuing underlying relationship, e.g. two businesses who trade with each other, or an employer and his employee. Crucially mediation offers the party’s greater options in resolving their dispute than would be available from the courts or arbitration where generally the result is “all or nothing”.